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Welcome to PriceNepal.com

PriceNepal is an online platform for getting the information related to latest electronics, vehicles, gadgets and so on available in Nepali Markets.

Our Mission

In countries like India getting the prices of almost anything, a mobile phone for example is as easy as clicking a mouse button. And in today's world of ever expanding technology that is how it should be. However, we have yet to see such facilities bloom in Nepal. While the accessibility of Internet is rising steadily since few years back the availability of e-commerce and e-commerce related websites in Nepal are close to nil. PriceNepal.com aims to fill this gap and revolutionize the online presence of Nepali market on the Internet. We are starting as a pricing portal with a select few items but please be assured that there is more to come.



Nepal is a country that desperately needs online presence. Our broader mission is to influence Nepali business owners and the creative youths to realize the importance of the internet to their business and to their future. Online presence is not just important but is critical if Nepal is to ever be able to compete on international settings - say software outsourcing. And it should be noted here that Software Outsourcing could probably become one of most important things that'll help bring international businesses into Nepal. The easiest way to make people around the world know about Nepal is to do so through the Internet. This is a journey and this is a mission - the task of developing online presence of Nepal. We realize the PriceNepal.com is not alone on this journey so we are just one of those who has taken the initiative to fulfill this public mission.

NOTICE: PriceNepal.com is currently adding more and more products online. If you would like to get your products listed on the website please contact us via the contact us page.